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e 22nd ASEAN-China, Japan and South Korea (10+3) leaders'
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s on InstagramPleas▓e scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChinese President Xi Jinping Wednesday held talks with his F▓rench counterpart Emmanuel Macron at t

he Great Hall of the▓ P

wer plant, which have provided a successful model for the construction of third-gene

eople in Beijing.Xi ho

ration nuclear power plants around the globe▓, Xi said the two countries have published the list of the secon

lds talks with Mac

d batch of industrial cooperation projects.The Chinese government has just successfully issued 4 bil▓li

ron, pledging for ▓

on euro-denominated sovereign bonds in Paris. The t▓wo countries have also completed negotiations on an agre▓ement of geographical ind

enhanced China-France tiesXi

ications between China and Europe.Xi expressed his hope that more tangible cooperation results will be achieved.Stressing the importance of

holds talks with Macron, pl

 maintaining and enhancing political mutual trust, Xi ca▓lled on both sides to put their words of respecting each


▓edging for enhance


d China-France ties1


1-07-2019 09:36 BJTB


EIJING, Nov. 6 -

of the establis

hment of diplo▓matic relations and lifted China-France ties to a higher ▓level," Xi said.Xi noted that the speeches, delive?/h4>

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ration with France not only within the two countries, but also in third-party markets, a

him and Macron at the ope

nd strengthen joint research and development on nuclear base and high-tech t

ning ceremony of the

echnologies.Xi said he hoped the new cooperation in aviation, aerospace and other fiel

second China International

ds could be well implemented."We should expand the opening up of the two-way mar

Import Expo on Tu▓esday in Shanghai, sent a strong message to the world in firm

ly safeguarding multilateralism and free trade

, as well as bui

lding an open

world economy."Our frank, in-depth a▓nd fruitful discussions on many

ermanent m

embers of the UN Se▓curity Council and represen

tatives of Eastern and Western civilizations, sh

kets. China is willing to expand two-w▓ay trade and investment with France, improve trade and investment liberalization, and jointly uphold market ▓rules an

ould strengthen strategic communicatio

n, ▓shoulder more responsibilities and exercise

d the principle of fair competition," Xi said.He said he hoped that France will put into action ▓its words of not adopting discriminatory policies against C

their roles as ▓major countries, as

the world is undergoing changes rarely seen

hina."China is willing to import more high-quality and safe French agri-food products and carry out all-round agricultural cooperation in accordance with m

in a century, Xi said.He pledged to wo

rk jointly with Macron to further advanc

arket demand," Xi said, noting that more efforts should be made to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the intellectual property rights field and supp

e the China-France comprehensive str
orefront of major-coun try relations. Chi▓na-France t ies have shown a s trong momentum of development, Xi said, addi ng that the consen sus reached by him and Macro n had been act ively implemen ted since h▓is su ccessful state visit t o France in March.Citing some succ essful project s including the No.1 a nd No. 2 power units of Taishan nuclear po 恩平市wap 娄底市5G 商丘市wap 任丘市wap 范县wap 新昌县wap 枣庄市5G 青龙满族自治县5G 高唐县5G 信丰县5G 山西wap 新田县5G 丹东市5G 龙门县5G 英山县5G 永康市wap 郧县5G 荔波县5G 临沂市wap 蓟县5G 山东网通传奇私服网站 手机能玩的传奇私服 传奇私服单职业版本下载 迷失版本传奇私服手游 传奇私服架设视频 手游传奇私服1.76 传奇私服散人打金服 盛大传奇私服客户端下载完整版官方 传奇私服发布网站 传奇私服商业版本购买